María Elena Café is a 100% Colombian coffee brand that was born in 2014 when its creator, María Elena Moncada, saw the opportunity to create an enterprise involving selling Colombian coffee, helping the country’s coffee growing community, promoting the national coffee culture with her family in a project for their future; Which led her to propose the María Elena Café brand. Together with her husband and daughters they have been working to not only to sell Colombian coffee but also on everything that it connotes on a social, environmental and cultural level.

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Finca Agroturística Villa Elena S.AS buys, processes, merchandizes and exports coffee products since 2014 with the purpose of positioning our main product, Maria Elena Café, in national and international markets,
oriented inside the social and environmental parameters required by the National Coffee Growers Federation in order to reach profit margins that contribute to the growth and stability of national enterprise.


Finca Agroturística Villa Elena S.A.S will be positioned by 2030 as the main coffee processor, merchandizer, and Export Company of Colombian coffee in its highest quality, reaching different countries in the world, always complying with the standards required by National
Coffee Growers Federation and producing a contribution to the growth of coffee industry, as well as the social improvement in the different regions of Colombia.


Our origin certification, resolution of 100% Colombian coffee and Rainforest Alliance seal proves that our roasted coffee (ground or bean) is from the best quality and guarantees to our customers the certainty of the product that is buying.


Currently Finca Agro turística Villa Elena S.A.S generates a total of 15 jobs directly and with the purchase, development and marketing of our Maria Elena Café lines indirectly contributes to 1500 jobs in the coffee industry that includes the farming families of Cundinamarca and Boyacá, Making sure that our suppliers comply with all safety standards and social welfare required by the government and the National Federation of Coffee growers.

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